The Killer Still At Large…Don’t Be Callous!

Courtesy: Ragini  Bhattacharyya Chakravarty Most of us take the killer virus seriously only when it strikes hard at our neighbors or friends or relatives; it hits the housing society we live in taking a life or two, and we become dead serious resolving to follow guidelines strictly and if possible not to venture out at all; it hits our dear friends or relatives, particularly the elderly, and we display the same sentiments and concerns, even advising others to be serious about it. However, we get to hear or watch the news about thousands of deaths all over the world every possible day since COVID-19 struck, and we immediately check with the fatality rate, feeling comfortable or taking solace that it is still lower and manageable. This makes us light-headed and careless, not seemingly convinced about following the norms and precautions strictly. But we must realize that for a particular person death means the final closure—the end of the world, shutting him/her completely out of e

India Fights COVID-19: Rampant Rajasthan Politics & IPL To Be Held In UAE!

While the surging new COVID-19 cases in India in the last twenty-four hours nearly breached the fifty thousand mark and deaths in the period prior to it breached the 1000 mark, at least 100 legislators including the Chief Minister lounged in Raj Bhavan, Jaipur today for hours shouting slogans as an unprecedented chapter of the Rajasthan political thriller unfolded. Many among the MLAs assembled there did not even wear masks, and there was no social distancing followed in the luxury buses that carried them. Whatever earthy purpose they went there to protest for is the least of our concern. Our primary concern being why the rules are different for the politicians/political leaders, not only in Rajasthan, but everywhere in the country. It is painful as well as scary to behold these power-hungry people eternally going around with their visits, ‘inspections’, press briefs, even rallies/protest marches and so on, with particular reference to the so-called ‘opposition’ in various states

Planet Earth Closing In On COVID-19?

When the new strain of the Coronavirus struck China at the end of 2019 and later, in early next year, started spreading to other countries at a very fast rate the world hardly knew anything about the virus and watched helplessly as COVID-19 created havoc all around, posing the worst ever crisis faced by humanity. As the months rolled by scientists, researchers and medical fraternity the world over joined hands in studying, analyzing the virus and started coming up with life-saving repurposed drugs and development of effective vaccines. Till now, there has been no proven cure for the virus, but the repurposed drugs and the improvements in healthcare infrastructure have significantly contributed towards reducing the fatality rate, enabling patients to recover in increasing numbers and containing the disease in various worst affected countries. We will discuss here some positive developments that really are pointers to a possible conquest by humankind over the killer virus. With